October Specials from Lustfullocks.com!

*Hurry to get your orders for Halloween!*

We are filling up with orders really quick this month.. so hurry up and order yours now before it's too late.

Deadlines -
October 13th  - for dread orders more than 40
October 16th - for 40 dreads and under
October 22nd - for RUSH order dreads
*Dates are subject to change depending on order volume*

Hurry up and place your order while this coupon lasts! Will not work after the 10th! 


30 Pre-Made Double End Dreads only $39

Red and white Hybrid Falls only $40


Pre-Made Pink and Purple Poofy Falls only $25


(40 Single Ended Dreads  - Black, Red, Blonde)




Hey Girls! 
It's been awhile since i've updated, that's because i got a lot of totally new stuff going on! First of all, i've completely re-did the website so now it looks more like a store than a 4 year old designed web page! 

So what's so new about it you may ask? 

Asides from the complete redecoration,
we now offer a lot of new products such as-

+ Dread Making Boards - These boards have 2 series of clips on them, one for making Single Ended Dreads and one for making Double Ended Dreads

+ Cheap Custom Double Ended Dreads

+ Hair Accessories - Flower clips, and Headbands

+ Swap Meet Section - A section of clothing that you can name your price, or offer us trades! This is currently under construction but will be up soon

Some other cool features we now have! 

+  the ability for customers to leave their own product reviews under each purchased product
REWARDS POINTS - for every $10 you spend you will get 1 reward point, and you can start receiving prizes such as free shipping, coupons and more after 8 points
+ Video Tutorials - on everything starting from how to make dreads, to how to install them in your hair! 
+ and much more! 

Here's some Pre-Made Dreadfalls for sale!

30 Blue, Yellow, Green, Double Ended Dreads - $50 (Can be made with more for a little bit more money)

Single Ended Red, Black and blonde, dreadfall kit - Includes 40 Single Ended Dreads, Black Headband, and matching red extension piece for the fringe which is attached to 2 wig clips for easy installment.

Only $70

Here's lastly our newest tutorial video on how to make double ended dreads the simple way using all products (except for the steamer) from our website ! 

if you like my video please rate it, and / or comment on it so that more people will be able to see and learn from it too


June's Custom Dreadfalls from Lustfullocks.com!

custom dreadfalls and cyberlox cheap
Custom Dreadfalls starting at $49! ^

(We know the website is a bit of a mess at the moment we are working hard this week to fix it up a bit) 

Been Busy this past month! Bunch of amazing color themes made! 

Rainbow Wrapped Dreads with Curly Pieces

Red and Yellow Layered Dread Kit

Blue and Yellow Dreads (alaska colors)

New Customer Pics

Alaska Dreadfalls

Lustfullocks Customer who braided in her dreads! 
Customer Dreadfall Pics

Blue And Emerald Dreads


Lustfullocks.com has DIY Supplies, Tutorials, Pre-Made Cyberlox, Custom Made Dreadfalls.. and more! All at some of
the lowest prices in the industry!! We've been around for almost 2 years and have shipped packages all over
the world including US, Canada, France, Italy, and even Australia! 

Dreads Made
Cotton Candy Dreadfallsdread falls

We're in the process of re-modeling our website now so please bare with us while we work to improve it.. (we should have a brand spankin' new site by this weekend) but you can also check out our work on the following sites


Pre-Made Cyberlox for Sale!

Yayy! Finally got some new stuff going for you guys. My camera was broken for awhile.. so here's what i have this week.

Cyberlox of Love

Includes 2 falls with long UV reactive Cyberlox with little fuzzy things glued to them, glow in the dark rexlace, ribbon and foam with glittery heart stickers!

Only $50

purchase on here

Industrial Vampire

includes only ONE fall of medium black, silver, and red combination cyberlox. Good for wearing over a ponytail.

Only $20

purchase here:

New *Scene* Looking Hair!

So.. i got really bored at school this week.. being that i only had ONE appointment..

needless to say.. Boredom + Shears =

  Collapse )

Collapse )

so now i have the ultimate emo cut ever! 

oh and i did this last night too on my friend mandy..

I did the blond on the top the pink and yellow (both special effects colors) and the brown underneath that you can't see in this picture


(no subject)

I just started working on a new social network page for all funky hair lovers to come together! 

You can add pictures, tutorials, write blogs, participate in our forums, chat room, and much more! 

It's still going under a lot of work! But please join and help spread the word so we can make this thing awesome! 


Aghh! I got for far into making my new site.. and then.. all the links failed ! Talk about frustrating..

it's starting to look cool though no?

Once the Forum is back up it's gonna be awesome!

Other than that.. here is what i have for you folks for today

oh and i made a pair for my gogo dancing gig last week too :P (black, yellow, and pink)